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Effective project management ensures all the projects on time and on budget, meeting all service level commitments, keeps the offshore team motivated and focused on high quality products and successful delivery. Customer requirements and customer satisfactions are always the first priority of Florida.

Florida does the project management from the following parts:

Project regular meeting

To notify the project members the latest status of the projects, share the information and issues, and solve the problems, project will hold a weekly meeting. The agenda of the meeting includes the project progress, problems occurred, etc.

Project report to senior management and the customer

Member's daily report to project manager about their daily work.

Project's weekly report is made to keep the customer and senior manager informed about project latest status, potential risks etc.

Project Development Plan tracking and control

The project actual progress status is collected and shared through member's daily report, project regular meeting, and frequent communication with the customer.

Monitor the project progress by tracking the project plan weekly.

Notice the potential risks and prevent it from happening.

Take necessary action when there is deviation from the plan.

Communicate with customer throughout project life cycle

Project managers always pay attention to keep the communication channel clear and build the trustful and understandable relationship with customer

Personnel management

Reduce the risk of personnel absent by assigning the partner in a project. And we have a pool of qualified technicians for meeting client's requirement.


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