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Technology is now becoming one of the critical success factors and driving forces of more and more growing organizations in today's digital economy. Every organization, regardless its size, benefits a lot from having a comprehensive technology plan. It is vital to define how your business will make full use of technology to bring your enterprise's long-term plans and goals into reality.

Florida has its advantageous access to a pool of highly qualified and skilled computer professionals who owns a great depth of understanding in specialized technologies. We are possessed of the consultants with abundant experience in the industry of Banking, Finance, Hospitality, Manufacture and Education. We recognize that performing successful IT projects is much more important than just writing precise specifications or clean lines of codes. Our unique methodology is used to define fundamental architecture by making technology choices based on industry trends. On the basis of longstanding experience, Florida provides advanced and pragmatic solutions in technical support and implements comprehensive consulting projects in a cost-effective manner on shore or offshore, enhancing manageability, efficiency and competitiveness of your business.

Florida's technology consulting comprises of an array of services which include:

  • Requirement Gathering and Feasibility Study
  • Business Analysis
  • Technical Requirements
  • System Prototyping and Architecting
  • Software Project Planning and Management

How we do it?

  • Devote into understanding your business flow and general project situation to capture the requirement according to your original requirement no matter it is written or unwritten by communicating sufficiently with you.
  • Analyze your existing IT infrastructure and gain a comprehensive understanding of your business goals. This covers gap analysis for re-engineering projects and definition of requirement management process for complete new systems to ensure that the process meets your entire spectrum of business goals with high efficiency and competitiveness both at present and in perspective. The UML is used to business modeling and analysis.
  • Transfer the business requirement to technical requirement and provide recommendations on technology platform, development tools, hardware platform, or system framework. The formal Software Requirement Specification is then formed if demanded for your confirmation according to your different requests on cost, system stability and after-sale support.
  • Combine strategic plans and knowledge of current and emerging technologies to create system's logical design and System Design Specification, which includes the system's prototype and architecture.
  • Manage the project progress through Microsoft Project or by setting up the Project website on the Internet, and make timely progress reports for your progress management. We offer you the convenience of progress monitoring and control at any time.


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